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why do we worship?

because our God is an awesome God and even though the best we can do is nothing but filthy dirty rags to Him we are made Holy in His sight but the blood of His Son Jesus!

I will continue to worship with everything I have not because I feel that He will “like me more” if I do but because He is worth it.  It is not something I have to do, it is something I get to do.

I will worship the Almighty God.  The Creator of Heaven and earth.  I hope the others will see the fire and have the desire to come along with me but if they don’t that is their choice.


Play Skillfully

Calling all musicians.  Check out this article on playing skillfully.  I think it is mucho importante!  I know that I need to practice more so that I can be a better musical tool in the toolbox of the church.  Sometimes I hear people say why do we have to practice so much?  If the Holy spirit is in it , it will just come together.  While I do believe that is true and definitely can happen I also believe that we need to take some responsibility and sharpen our skills whether we play an instrument, sing, or do all the technical stuff behind the scenes.  We do not want to be a distraction especially when we are leading others into worshiping the Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth.  Click here for Peter Park’s article

Simple song, powerful message!

Here is a great animation to go along with a great song.  Watch and Listen!

Keep Worshiping

Keep worshiping and thinking outside of your little “box”.  You never know what will happen.  God will put people in your path like Danny.  Check out the link below from www.ragamuffinsoul.com

click here to watch the video.  http://www.ragamuffinsoul.com/2009/12/save-us-from-these-comforts-dannys-story/