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Seed planters

I am convinced now more than ever that the reason I am alive and still on this earth is because our God is an awesome God and also because from the time I was born people were praying over my life. Some people prayed specifically for me because they knew the situation I was in, while others who did not know me had an impact on my life that they may never realize. Some are prayer warriors and intercessors, some are evangelists and church planters but most are normal people who shake your hand, smile and say those simple words, “I am praying for you”.

Our purpose in this place is to pray for and love on folks. Sometimes it may be a tough love but it is not our job to convict (See John 16). There are certain things that we are commanded to do and it is not a long list. In Matthew 22 Jesus tells the people there are only two commandments and both of these commands contain the word love.

As you go about your day pray for everyone that comes to your mind. There are many examples in scripture of people who prayed constantly (1 Thessalonians 5 , 1 Samuel 12 , Colossians 1 ). In addition if you have the chance to speak with people first you should listen more than you speak and second when you do speak make it words that are uplifting and edifying. Plant those seeds. With time and the power of the Holy Spirit they will grow and flourish.


Don’t miss it !

My friend Pastor Scott Hobbs has a wonderful post about the “new” things God has for us.  While I was reading and meditating on his words and the words from Isaiah I was struck by the fact that sometimes these “new” things can pass us by and we won’t even notice them until it is too late.  In many places throughout the Bible you will find the words “seeking”, “watching”, and “waiting”.  These are all things we must do as well as be in constant communication with God so that we will not miss these new, wonderful, and exciting things that HE has planned for us.  Don’t miss it!

Happy Birthday Marines!

I am so very thankful to have served 8 years on active duty with the United States Marine Corps! I will never ever take for granted what the Marines and all of our military do for us everyday. I pray for safety for all of them and wisdom for those leaders who take them into battle. Please enjoy the report below from Michael Yon. Semper Fidelis!

Michael Yon reports from Afghanistan.
The U.S. Marines are flooding in, and you might think that every Marine helicopter in our arsenal is here. I’ll not give numbers and types other than to say the line of aircraft is long and formidable.

The U.S. Marines are a spectacle for the U.S. Army and also the British Army. The Marines will come in and live like pure animals, and build a base around themselves, whereas the British and American Armies will tend to build at least part of the base before coming in. One Marine commander told me that during the early part of this war, his men didn’t even shower for three months. We talked for a couple of hours and he was proud that his Marines didn’t need a shower for three months, and that his Marines killed a lot of Taliban and managed to lose only one good man. That’s the Marines. They’ll show up in force with no warning, and their reputation with U.S. Army and Brits who have fought alongside them is stellar. A NPR photographer who just spent more than three weeks with the Marines could not praise them enough, saying he’d been with them in Iraq, too, and that when Marines take casualties, their reaction is to continue to attack. They try to stay in contact until they finish the enemy, no matter how long it takes. Truly they are animals when it comes to the fight. Other than that, great guys. Tonight at dinner, a young Marine Lance Corporal sat in front of me at the crowded dining facility. “Good evening, Sir,” he said. I asked, “Are you living like animals out there?” “Livin’ the dream, Sir!” They are fantastic. 

Semper Fidelis!


Link to the Commandant’s message


I can’t do it!

   Why do we insist on trying to fix things ourselves?  That is a huge question because, even though I know better, I still continue to tryand  fix things in my own strength when I know a can’t.  Our God, the Creator of Heaven and earth, wants us to fully rely on Him.  One example in scripture is a guy named Job who had some horrible things happen in his life.  There was nothing that Job could do in his own strength to fix his problems and he knew that.  Through all of it he never did curse or blame God for what was going wrong and when Job’s friends suggested it he refused.  Instead he went to God in prayer and interceded for his friends.  When Job decided to intercede for his friends that is when things began to turn around for him.  I like The Message version of it because it uses that word “intercede”.   Job 42:10 “10 After Job had interceded for his friends, God restored his fortune—and then doubled it!”