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The convenience of compassion.

What is compassion?  Mr. Webster says, ” sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it”.   I believe that last part is key.  Along with the desire to alleviate we should have an action plan in place of what exactly are we going to do about it.  It doesn’t have to take a lot of our time, with 4 kids 12 and under who has a lot of time, but I do think we all need to do are part to make the world a better place and stop being so selfish.

As a father and husband the “others” that are of most importance to me are my wife and children.  When their distress is taken care of then I can move on.  For now the priority is my own house.  God has given me responsibility to take care of these 5 others first.


baseball game

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Hanging out at the Shorebirds game.  Beautiful night!  Thank you God for some cooler weather.

Home Again, Home again, jiggity jig

The first time I heard that line was from the movie Bladerunner.  My oldest brother was a big fan of that movie and the line was recited by one of the robots in the film.  In addition to that movie the line can also be found in a Mother Goose nursery rhyme.  Some of my earliest memories consist of my family, watching movies together.  Movies such as Bladerunner, Star Wars, Jaws, Indiana Jones, etc.  I say all of that to say this, I am home today with Nathan who was not feeling well this morning.  We have had a good day of sleeping, working on computers, playing the piano, eating and coloring.  I hope that when he is older he will remember these good memories just as I remember good times with my family.  Make memories with your kids.  Spend time doing simple things.

The Calling.

Sorry that I have not written in awhile.  There are new things going on and I want to be more aware and focused on my calling from God.  During this season of my life it is Husband and father.  To be a better husband to my bride I need to study Jesus and how He interacts with His bride, the church.  To be a better father I need to know the heart of my Heavenly Father and how He interacts with His children.  There is an instruction manual for all of this.  It is called the Bible.  I will be studying.


Yes we are officially under a blizzard warning!  Something I have not seen in my lifetime.  I pray that everyone will be safe and I plan to check on my neighbors tomorrow as everyone should.  This will be a weekend with lots of family time which I desperately need and I am excited.  I pray that power will not go out but if it does we have plenty of board games, food, and books to read.   Blizzard of 2010 here we come!