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Everyone loves this day!  Am I right?

Alone (via Scott and Lisa Hobbs)

Here is some great insight from Pastor Scott Hobbs. It is not good for a man to be alone. It is all about community!

Alone So Lisa takes our our children and a few of their friends on a trip for a few days here before school starts.  I hate being home by myself so I went and had dinner with two of my friends before heading home.  I found myself sitting up last night in the empty house going out of my mind.  Yeah, I had prayed, read, watched TV, tried talking with the dog, but I was completely aware of my "aloneness".  In those moments I want to feel kind of guilty be … Read More

via Scott and Lisa Hobbs

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The Great Communicator

Communication is essential.  You can’t have a good marriage without it.  You can’t manage a team of people to get the job done without it.  It is such a wonderful and useful gift.  Yes communication was created and given to us as a gift.

Communication is a gift given by God, our Creator, to all of mankind. Since God is the creator of all things, including communication itself, He is the true “Great Communicator”.

According to Martin Luther one way that God’s communication with His creation takes form is in that of a conversation. Martin Luther says specifically that we are “created for dialogue”. Dialogue is defined as two way communication. There must be more than one person involved in dialogue. In this case it is the Creator and His Creation.

In another very significant way God has chosen to communicate through incarnation. Almighty God, Creator of Heaven and earth stooped down to our level, put on human flesh and walked among His creation on this earth. He lived life and revealed himself to those around Him. He interacted with people every day. He met ordinary people, religious leaders and political leaders. He impacted their lives in a very significant way.

We are instructed to do the same. The cool thing is we, as Christians and ambassadors for him, can bring Kingdom living into this world of chaos. Let’s get on with it!

Reasons to read through the Bible.

Bob Kauflin has some great thoughts on why to read through the entire Bible in one year.  I have never done it but I think 2010 (pronounced “twenty-ten”) will be my year.  Check out Bob’s blog here  http://www.worshipmatters.com/2009/12/31/thoughts-on-the-esv-study-bible-now-that-ive-read-it/

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Keep Worshiping

Keep worshiping and thinking outside of your little “box”.  You never know what will happen.  God will put people in your path like Danny.  Check out the link below from www.ragamuffinsoul.com

click here to watch the video.  http://www.ragamuffinsoul.com/2009/12/save-us-from-these-comforts-dannys-story/

Is God pushing me out?

It is hard to tell sometimes if God is trying to move us or is Satan causing this thing  as a disruption in your life to take you away from the thing God has planned for you.    The only way to tell is to be completely tuned in to God.  Talk with Him, take what is happening and give it to him.  Ask questions and seek out the answer in His Holy Word.  Ask Him for peace and wisdom in decision making.  Seek out wise and Godly counsel from friends and family.  All these things will help you to stay in tune with the plans He has for you.

Great science stunts to wow your friends.

Thanks to Richard Wiseman for posting this video.  Some great science stunts to wow your friends at your Christmas parties this year!  Click the link below to head on over to Richard’s blog and check out this amazing video!