Tim York

life, liberty, and the pursuit of Jesus

The Great Communicator

Communication is essential.  You can’t have a good marriage without it.  You can’t manage a team of people to get the job done without it.  It is such a wonderful and useful gift.  Yes communication was created and given to us as a gift.

Communication is a gift given by God, our Creator, to all of mankind. Since God is the creator of all things, including communication itself, He is the true “Great Communicator”.

According to Martin Luther one way that God’s communication with His creation takes form is in that of a conversation. Martin Luther says specifically that we are “created for dialogue”. Dialogue is defined as two way communication. There must be more than one person involved in dialogue. In this case it is the Creator and His Creation.

In another very significant way God has chosen to communicate through incarnation. Almighty God, Creator of Heaven and earth stooped down to our level, put on human flesh and walked among His creation on this earth. He lived life and revealed himself to those around Him. He interacted with people every day. He met ordinary people, religious leaders and political leaders. He impacted their lives in a very significant way.

We are instructed to do the same. The cool thing is we, as Christians and ambassadors for him, can bring Kingdom living into this world of chaos. Let’s get on with it!


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