Tim York

life, liberty, and the pursuit of Jesus

Spiritual Power Lines

On a highway that I travel frequently new power lines are going up.  This construction costs a great deal of money but is needed to provide more power to the population of our county and state.  As I see this ongoing and much needed construction taking place a thought came to me, “this is exactly why Christians don’t see the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives, because the infrastructure to handle that power has not been built”.

How can we build our spiritual infrastructure to handle the power that is available to us and that God wants us to have so that He can work through us?  There are many ways and in the next few posts I will be more specific.

Some ways that we can build our spiritual power lines is through reading, studying and truly meditating on the Scripture.  In addition to that having daily conversations with God through prayer is another great way.  Also when we speak with God we also need to be quiet and listen to what He wants to say.  As you are tuned in to God and you actually take time to hear His voice I suggest you physically write down the thoughts He is giving you.  These are all very great ways to build those “spiritual power lines” that allow the power of the Holy Spirit into our lives.


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