Tim York

life, liberty, and the pursuit of Jesus

Goodbye to two American Heroes.

On this Thanksgiving Day 2009 I am thinking of our troops.  All branches of the military service thank you for what you do everyday.  I am honored to have served this great country in the United States Marine Corps for 8 years.  I am so appreciative of this volunteer force of men and women who have made the decision to serve and protect both here and abroad.  I pray for blessings and safety for you and your families.

In keeping with the military theme there have been two great military heroes who have passed recently.  The first is Retired Army Col. Lewis L. Mellitt.  According to Military.com Col. Mellitt led the last reported major American bayonet charge against the enemy on a hill in Korea.  You can read his story here

The second military hero is the oldest female Marine, Miriam Cohen.  Miriam enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1943 at 35 years old.  She served in two wars, WWII and Korea.  You can read her story here


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