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God has had enough!

I have been meditating on Isaiah 1 for the past few days.  I see how the Lord feels when we bring offerings to Him and our heart is not in it.  I don’t think I ever realized that the Almighty God could feel like that.  I always thought God was love.  He does grow tired and weary but never to the point where He will stop loving.    When we just go through the “motions” of going to church without truly worshipping, reading the Bible without truly meditating and chewing on the living Word, praying to God just out of some type of duty instead of wanting to have a real conversation with Him.  Isaiah 1:14 says that it is an “oppressive burden” to Him and that He is “tired of bearing it”.  When we pray and ask for things He will not hear unless our heart be truly in it.

Thankfully it is not all bad news because in the second half of the chapter He tells us specific things that we should do such as “put away evil things”, “Learn to do right! Seek justice, relieve the oppressed, and correct the oppressor.”  He also tells us to “defend the fatherless” and “plead for the widow”.  All of these in addition to having a true heart and desire for Him and wanting to talk with Him because we love Him and can’t wait to hear what He has to say.  This will keep us in a right relationship with our Heavenly Father.


One response to “God has had enough!

  1. Rodger Weese November 22, 2009 at 8:00 am

    I love the blog. I tend to think about “staying close”. The effort is a little easier when we stay close. We can only do this by discipline, being in the Word, constant prayer and taking every thought captive.

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